Spanish Pre-Assessment



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This is a short, free test of an individual’s basic level of language proficiency, and is meant solely to triage one’s suitability for language proficiency testing. As with any test, to achieve the most realistic measure of one’s abilities, the test should be taken with no external help, including dictionaries, machine translation, online translation, or third parties.

A score of 80% or higher on this test means that an individual is fit to be evaluated for language proficiency. A score between 70- 80% means an individual could be evaluated further for language proficiency. A score below 70% means, in most cases, that an individual does not meet the basic proficiency level in that language and would not pass a comprehensive language proficiency assessment. More study, exposure to the language, and/or immersion in a setting that uses that language is recommended. Learning and improving upon a language takes years of active study and practice for the vast majority of individuals.

This pre-assessment is not a valid or reliable means of testing language proficiency, and a score between 80-100% does not mean that someone is fluent in the language being assessed. The results should not be used to justify employment or professional use of a language, or as proof of one’s language abilities, and MasterWord assumes no responsibility for how the scores are used by others. This test is one of many resources and tools to prepare individuals for actual language proficiency testing.