40hr Intensive Medical Interpreter Training





This Intensive Medical Interpreter Training Package consists of40 hoursof training and is a self-paced online course. There is a 75-question knowledge quiz at the end, and students who complete the course and pass the knowledge quiz with at least 80%  receive a completion certificate. This course complies with CCHI and NBCMI/IMIA pre-certification requirements.

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This training course combines several of our on-demand healthcare interpreting and interpreter ethics courses and features additional introductory courses and deep practice exercises. This package is designed to prepare you for interpreting in the healthcare industry. It uses the latest and most effective interactive techniques, and provides an opportunity to learn and practice the most effective models for the interpreting process, advanced ethical decision-making, memory and note taking, medical terminology, cross-cultural interpreting, and navigation of the US health care system. 

This program is non-language specific and is open to all bilingual students.

Each unit has been designed by a team of qualified and experienced interpreter trainers specialized in the skills and knowledge taught in that unit and all content is presented in English. 

This training has been pre-approved as PINRA for 4.0 RID CEUs. (TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members) and 4.0 BEI M./I. CEUs (.7 Ethics). 

This program meets the pre-certification training requirement for healthcare interpreters, and is nationally accredited for 40 instructional hours by CCHI. 

Who is a good fit to take this course?

This course is intended for both beginners and for those who need formal training in the fundamentals of healthcare interpreting. It provides an overview and opportunities for reflection and self-practice. By completing this course, you can apply for national certification if you meet the other requirements of the certifying organization. 

Included Modules in the Intensive Medical Interpreter Training:

  • Section 1: Fundamentals of Interpreting in Healthcare
  • Section 2: Mechanics and Skill Base
  • Section 3: Medical Terminology Introduction
  • Section 4: Body Systems and Genetics
  • Section 5: Interpreting and the US Healthcare System
  • Section 6: Intercultural Interpreting
  • Section 7: Interpreter Ethics and Vicarious Trauma
  • Section 8: Review and Practice
  • BONUS FINAL EXAM: Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA)® ($155.00 value)

The HCIA® Knowledge Assessment is used as the final exam for the course. This is a great preparation tool for certification and a new career as a professional healthcare interpreter.